Podcast: "I just love to see people do what they love."

In this episode, I talk with Tab Wolod, a die-hard entrepreneur and mental health advocate based in the Baltimore area. We talk about our work at Born Brown: All Rights Reserved, the intersection of mental health and business and how to know if it's time to keep going with your ventures or let go. Join us!


On Born Brown: All Rights Reserved -

  • "We are developing social enterprise. We are dedicated to the liberation of People of the Global Majority. So that includes Black, Indigenous, people of color, women, LGBTQIA + around the globe."

  • "We always invite people to unite with us and that means whatever you want it to mean."

  • "We have to protect our universal human rights."

  • "We are living this social change."

On Ideas Equal Income -

  • "IEI is my baby. It was built off the premise that if you have an idea, you have an income."

  • "I'm a die-hard entrepreneur."

  • "A lot of business owners frankly are great at what they do, but not so great at what we call, business development."

  • "I just love to see people do what they love."

  • "I've always been very unconventional. I'm a rebel."

  • "I truly believe that your gifts will make a way and I truly believe that we all have a unique purpose and unique talent and we are here to manifest what that purpose is. But first we have to find it. Our purpose is very tied to our passion and our gifts."

  • "Part of Ideas Equal Income is really educating anyone who's interested in becoming an entrepreneur and saying like, 'hey this is not glitz and glamour, it's not down and dirty. It's stress. Some people go homeless.'"

  • "If you are looking to start a business, it's better to invest a little bit of money in some type of consulting to help you strategically plan out your next steps and to create a roadmap, then to just go at it in the dark."

  • "When you fail, OK, it's alright. Get back up, readjust, refocus and try it again."

  • "No problem is a bad problem. We try to approach problems as good problems because it forces us to think out of the box and be creative in terms of how to deal with life in business situations."

  • "I am a strong believer that you have to love what you do."

  • "I would recommend being on a path to mental wellness before you begin a journey into entrepreneurship."

  • "Be your own cheerleader. If entrepreneurship is meant for you - or anything in general - it will keep showing up."

  • "I'm a student of the game."

  • "Keep your vision."

  • "I believe if you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand."

  • "We are the sum of our past decisions and actions. We are always manifesting whether it's intentional or not."

  • "How committed are you?"


Tab Wolod is a mental health advocate and die-hard entrepreneur. Early on, Tab identified as a rebel - often bucking social norms and venturing down unconventional paths. Tab's rebellious attitude led her to a "regular" 9-5 job, which was a blessing, although it was the opposite of what she had wished for lol. During her "turbulent twenties," Tab found herself transitioning awkwardly into adulthood, struggling to find herself, God, and mental stability while maintaining employment. Over the years, Tab made many failed attempts at various business endeavors, in hopes that she would "get rich quick" and walk away from her cushy job. After much trial and error, Tab's "failures" paved the way for the creation of Ideas Equal Income LLC (IEI). As IEI CEO and founder, Tab created the company with one goal in mind: helping individuals transform their ideas into income by providing #biz dev support (operational, marketing, and project management). Tab was born and raised in Maryland (USA), she is currently residing in Baltimore City with her life partner and baby girl.

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Ideas Equal Income

Email for professional inquiries at hey@ideasequalincome.com.

Mental Health Information

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) hotline for provider referrals and peer support services:  https://www.nami.org/help .The NAMI HelpLine can be reached Monday through Friday, 10 am–6 pm, ET. 1-800-950-NAMI (6264) or info@nami.org


"I Love to See People Do What They Love"

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A Conversation with Tab Wolod

"I Love to See People Do What They Love"
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