Podcast: “It’s OK to just stop for a minute.”

In this episode, Liz Gold talks with Phil aka Corinne all about pivoting in the age of covid-19, rebuilding one's life, the power of choice, saying yes and following the pings that illustrate divine inspiration.


  • "What you realize in your life sometimes is that the things that look like absolute disasters turn out to be like the best blessings ever."

  • On the pandemic: "It's been really strange, but I have to say for me, there has been a lot of good in it because I think I needed to kind of quiet myself down, quiet my life down so that i could look at it in a different way and really take stock in what I want to do and where I want to go."

  • "It made me understand I do need to show up differently. I need to really think about how I spend my days and be more intentional about how I move through my life."

  • "I'm going to do all the things that allow me to use my voice. My voice has a purpose and I need that purpose to show itself in various forms."

  • "I don't say no to the things that present themselves to me. No is a word you have to use sometimes, right? But when you're in this mode of rebuilding your life and you are presented with opportunities sometimes that's the universe saying I want you to check this out."

  • "I am learning more about what I can do by saying yes. I am learning that yes is a word that has been great for me because it allows me to expand. It allows me to figure out more of what I am."

  • "Sometimes the identify of who you are will affect the way you dress. And sometimes you're navigating one or you're navigating the other."

  • "The crux of the podcast was really started from us wanting to share those experiences and understanding that there were other people having experiences like us."

  • What I was starting to see was a trend that I was not expecting. What I started to see was everyone I spoke to whether or not they were home, working from home working or were still going out and working, almost every last person I spoke to was trying to help out in some way. Everywhere I looked it was people helping."

  • "I can understand why people think there is content overload but there are so many different things to talk about, there are so many different niche groups who want to hear about this, that or the other thing. If you feel passionate about it then just go ahead and do it."

  • "I truly believe in the fact that I have limited knowledge about what my life is going to look like but I think there's something greater than me that has much more information about what my life could look like. So you know what, I'm going with that guy."

  • "It's OK to just stop for a minute."

  • "I am very serious about walking out of this pandemic and going back into society with a different mindset and a different frame of mind."


Phil, is a podcast host, stylist, wedding officiant and storyteller at heart connecting people and ideas together in a way that resonates beyond the superficial, and challenges the way we think. They are continually interested in capturing unique stories and sharing them with the goal of educating and entertaining. They are especially dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ community and created Transition of Style, a podcast that brings focus to the unique “style journey” queer individuals embark on when seeking an authentic identity. They understand that neither style nor identity is static and that either one or both can be in a constant state of flux.

Phil has a varied career starting in music management. They then shifted to technology, serving as an Applications and Full Stack Developer at Boston Consulting Group and Applications Developer at JP Morgan Chase in New York City. They were a founding member of QueerCut, a radically inclusive e-commerce platform, engaging queer brands and customers. All of this experience has given them the ability to understand the complex nature of creation, development and distribution.

At present Phil is the host of Transition of Style, and the upcoming At This Very Moment podcast and Co-host of the I’m From Driftwood podcast.

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"It’s OK to Just Stop for a Minute"

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A Conversation with Phil

"It’s OK to Just Stop for a Minute"
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