Podcast: “Almost Everybody is Wrestling with Something.” 

What is courage? In this episode, Liz Gold talks with Milo Razza, friend and leadership coach, all about what courage means (there's no easy answer), how running a business can be bootcamp for whatever your issues are and why there's courage in just admitting how much you want something.


  • "What takes courage really varies."

  • "We can gain strength and gain courage and have resilience supported by other people around us."

  • "I felt like I had to be different than I am in order to be successful."

  • "I'm very forthright; What you see is what you get with me pretty much. I wanted a brand that really reflected that."

  • "The growth for all of us lies in being just even braver than we were yesterday."

  • "There's this way that expertise gets so celebrated and one of the problems experts run into is often they become siloed."

  • "One of the advantages of being a generalist, a lateral thinker, or having a broad knowledge base is that a lot of times we can see the broader picture of impact and the connections that a subject matter expert can't see outside of that silo."

  • "There's a courage even just admitting how much you want something and then to actually swing out and go for it can be all the scarier, too."

  • "Conformity is one of the forces in our society. That's why we need so much courage."

  • "Almost everybody is wrestling with something."

Bio: Milo Razza coaches to increase the power, freedom, and choice of individuals and organizations so they can convert intention to action to impact more effectively, consistently, and easily. As your coach, Milo is unafraid to push back, call out bullshit when he hears it, and to be frank and direct for the sake of serving you. He is a dynamic partner in moving you through your internal resistance, and guiding you to see what is in your blindspots.

An outsider to mainstream coaching, Milo brings a combination of irreverence, humor, compassion, and encouragement to support your continued growth. Raised in Washington, DC, Milo earned a BA in Semiotics and Critical Thinking at Bryn Mawr College. His fascination with how we read and create meaning allows him to  discern how you are creating meaning and framing your choices in your life and work.

He draws on his experiences with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), whitewater raft guiding, nonprofit management, owning a small business, and other influences. He has served clients across numerous industries in more than 12 years of coaching. He is trans/genderqueer and black/mixed race, and acknowledges the impact of systems of oppression in his coaching with clients, never at the expense of ultimately focusing on his clients’ path forward.

Even Braver


“Almost Everybody is Wrestling with Something”

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A Conversation with Milo Razza

“Almost Everybody is Wrestling with Something”
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