Podcast: “What are the skills needed to survive?”

In this episode of Conversations with Liz Gold, Liz talks with Cat De La Paz. Cat is a trans Latinx woman who has been successfully working a high level corporate job in the mortgage industry for almost a decade. Hear about her experiences being stealth at work, her day-to-day life and why trans women would make really good CEOs and bankers.


  • About her book: El Fin Del Mundo: "It's about situations in my life, but actually I'm exploring a different response than I actually made in my own life."

  • On Todd Kincannon's 2013 tweet: "I was really interested based on my entire experience of never having been alive when an entire nation paid attention to something that transphobic. That was a turning point for me."

  • "In 2015 to today, there have been over 300 active legislative laws that went into the House for each state, that were anti-LGBTQ.  The majority of them did not succeed. There was resistance which means there is still fight."

  • "We are still fighting. We are still going out there. We are still winning. That is a moment of hope that should be shared."

  • On being stealth at her job: "Ultimately it was about safety. For me, the idea of being an open trans woman out in the public sector working as my true self didn't seem reasonable."

  • "We have to be responsible for those who can't do certain things. And they are responsible for us for the things we can't do either. Collaboration is essential."

  • "I've been alone. I go to work and talk about the work. I don't talk about my life. I don't talk about my realities. I'm primarily just left alone."

  • "I'm seen as a threat to heteronormativity - the cisgender paradigm of what is acceptable. People want to treat me as a cisgender person, they really don't want to see me as a trans person."

  • "Trans people would be really good as the CEOs and future bankers. Who's better at risk management than someone who understands risk? You'd get a lot of wisdom from trans women of color. Who better knows risk than trans women of color?"

  • "It can be a lot of work hiding."

  • "What is our response? What will our response be as our days go on?"

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“What Are the Skills Needed to Survive?”

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A Conversation with Cat De La Paz

“What Are the Skills Needed to Survive?”
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