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Meet Bao Phan, Featured BB:ARR Contributor

Meet Bao Phan, our featured contributor behind the Born Brown: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED imagery on some of the products you see in our online shop. Bao, who currently lives in Duluth, Georgia, has been an entrepreneur for 18 years and says, “I do what I do. I don’t consider it art, it’s me working. I’ve built a lot of brands, I’ve done a lot of logos, inside of that world.”

Bao works in a variety of industries and says, “I don’t limit myself to any space in particular, but have worked pretty extensively in the cannabis space.” And while some may see him as a graphic designer making logos, he says it’s not actually one of the things that he does. “It comes with the work. I call myself a ‘jack of all trades’ inside of brand development, brand consulting and business consulting and it stemmed from me having to do it for my own businesses.”

Launching a computer repair business at the age of 19, Bao started out as a systems engineer and thought he would be doing computer repair for the rest of his life. But that soon changed. “When I started my own computer repair business I knew I had to get a website. But I couldn’t afford anybody to go do it. Back then I was pretty computer savvy, I just learned to design my own website. I learned how to use the software tools to make a makeshift logo and worked with my friends on it. As I grew other businesses, it became something that I did. That’s how it all started.”

Now Bao has been behind the scenes working and building successful companies. “I have a track record of knowing what to do in certain fields,” he says. “Now I consult on it.”

He says when he works with clients to tell their visual story he digs into who they are as a person. “Everybody’s brand reflects who they want to be represented in the world.”

Don’t expect to find Bao with a huge online presence, however, and that’s intentional. “I come from the event space inside the world of e-discovery. That really gave me the mindset of protect your privacy.”

On the imagery he created for BB:ARR he says, that it represents “We are the People of the Global Majority. We are all the same and we are the majority. We shouldn’t be the minority.”


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