A trademark of United State of Consciousness LLC, Born Brown: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED is an environment of liberation, community development, and clarification of human rights. We are an online community, budding e-commerce platform and space for collaboration.

BB:ARR serves People of the Global Majority (BIPOC- Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and supporters of BIPOC people world-wide.


Throughout the world, People of the Global Majority, inside and outside of their ancestral homelands, are vulnerable to relentless forms of apartheid.

Visual and auditory propaganda pierces the subconscious, social and economic predators design systems of oppression all while denying historical and present day facts. We are present to the impact of these falsehoods and manipulations on Human Beings, Communities, and the experience of Life.

Liberating People of the
Global Majority.
  • To engage people in meaningful conversations and opportunities that promote growth

  • To create opportunities for learning about Universal Human Rights, personal responsibility and self-care 

  • To counter harmful social constructs, messages, and policies

  • To promote understanding and harmony

  • To generate distinctions and clarity among people about their humanity in relationship to their value as human capital

  • To deny power to the condemnation, rage, and malice of systemic oppression without magnifying or highlighting it


Born Brown: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED commits to the collective liberation of People of the Global Majority. We welcome, engage, collaborate with, and uplift artists, activists, community leaders, entrepreneurs and educators.


Born Brown: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED co-creates opportunities to Experience Social Movement by leveraging existing resources strategically to cultivate space for interactive experimentation.

Born Brown: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED fosters consciousness building practices and authentic communication with messaging that evokes self-acceptance and self-love.


Born Brown: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED stands for Human BEings actualizing their Inalienable Human Rights through community development programming that promotes self-expression.

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