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Celebrating Love and Inclusivity: Honoring Black History Month By Rev Skip Jennings

As a member of the global majority, our growing community, I am thrilled to share our collective journey during this Black History Month, a period that offers us the chance to reflect, honor, and celebrate the invaluable contributions of the African Diaspora and African Americans. Our community, grounded in love and inclusivity, finds this month to be a profound opportunity to acknowledge our ancestors and the remarkable legacies they have left behind.

Black History Month is not just a time to remember; it's a period for us to immerse in

gratitude. We look back at the struggles, victories, and breakthroughs that have not only shaped the African American experience but have also significantly impacted all Americans. It's a time to recall the valiant tales of Harriet Tubman's unwavering bravery, Malcolm X's powerful oratory, Marcus Garvey's inspiring leadership, Maya Angelou's poetic wisdom, Madam CJ Walker's entrepreneurial spirit, Frederick Douglass's eloquent advocacy, W.E.B. Du Bois's intellectual prowess, Thurgood Marshall's legal acumen, Rosa Parks's quiet strength, George Washington Carver's inventive genius, and Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of equality and justice.

Our remembrance extends beyond these iconic figures to the countless unsung heroes and their contributions that have seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. Let's reflect on the inventions by African Americans that have revolutionized our world. Consider the convenience brought by the automatic elevator doors, invented in 1887 by Alexander Miles, or the safety of home security systems, introduced in 1966. The modern comforts we enjoy, from the gas heating furnace (1919) to the folding chair (1889), the thermostat (1935), and even the ubiquitous potato chips (1853), are testaments to their ingenuity. These innovations, including the clothes dryer (1892), golf tee (1899), modern toilet (1872), mailbox (1891), automatic gear shift (1932), and the life-saving pacemaker (1964), are integral to our daily lives, yet often we overlook their origins.

In honoring these achievements, let us be inspired to rise together and effect change that reverberates through generations. Our community is committed to living out core values of Love, Healing, Oneness, Abundance, Spiritual Growth, Sacred Service, Diversity, and Inclusivity. We believe in creating a world that works for everyone, a world where everyone’s contributions are recognized and celebrated.

As we move through Black History Month, let us carry the spirit of this celebration

beyond just these weeks. Let's weave the rich tapestry of African American history into our daily lives, ensuring that the lessons, struggles, and triumphs are part of our

ongoing narrative. It's through understanding and embracing our diverse histories that we can truly build a community grounded in love and inclusivity. I wish everyone a reflective and inspiring Black History Month. May this time deepen our understanding, strengthen our community bonds, and continue to light the path toward a world of equity and unity.

Happy Black History Month!

With love and solidarity,

Rev Skip

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