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2022: Happy New Year! Let’s create new practices rather than new resolutions



1. A firm decision to do or not to do something.

2. A formal expression of opinion or intention agreed on by a legislative body, committee, or other formal meeting, typically after taking a vote.

3. The quality of being determined or resolute.

Every January means to me a new opportunity to have a fresh start: some kind of a blank page to fill in with great adventures, memories and challenges. I commit to be present and to do my best for my body, my community, my family, and the world itself.

And I want to be realistic: according to my experience, time goes by really fast, even before people notice it. New Year's practices often get buried under everyday life. So how can we help ourselves to move ambitions forward? I will share some ideas that I am applying to my own practices in 2022.

We can start by setting priorities. Let's be honest with ourselves and choose 3 main purposes. We all have a lot of desires, anyway remember this is about maintaining practices and staying focused. Maybe you can set a goal for different aspects of life: a goal for yourself, a goal for your loved ones, and a goal that contributes to having better communities.

Then, we can turn these priorities into something visual. Having these practices in sight will help you with keeping committed, and can support you with choice making. From my view, it's not enough to have a nice intention, we will need physical actions. Think about at least one or two actions per commitment that will support you with accomplishing your objectives.

It's very important to find personal motivation to be constant. This journey is to be enjoyed! How can you reward yourself when living your commitments? Maybe you can have a nice meal in a special place, or purchase something that really excites you. We all have something that makes us happy, so what about making it happen more often in the new year?

Let's not wait until December to evaluate our progress. As I told you before, time moves fast. We can analyze our progress weekly, monthly, or as frequently as it works for us. Remember to be compassionate, as sometimes we won't be able to accomplish our goal, and that's more than OK too! Being flexible and adaptable to change It's a virtue that we must celebrate.

Remember to love the path more than the results.

We would love to hear about your recommendations for integrating practices in the New Year, and how you face change. Through Born Brown: All Rights Reserved we are always receiving contributors willing to raise their voice. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Happy 2022!

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