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Why Are We Celebrating Black Women Season?

Black women are being captured and treated poorly. Many social systems are designed to contain, control, and indoctrinate women. Unfortunately indegenious and black women are seminally oppressed. They are facing inequity in health and wellness care, employment opportunities and pay rates. This is why we talk about social justice. We see women in bondage, as prisoners for international arguments. The access to opportunities in business and education are not the same as for their male colleagues. Across the globe people are numb and often unaware of their own possibility. By lifting people up we’re practicing recognition, community learning and acknowledgment. Whoever receives that attention basks in the light, and whoever gives that offering is at their core being more authentically human. Celebrating humanity through mindfulness, meditation, music, and other positive practices helps grow the spirit. We aim to normalize getting to know and celebrate the extraordinary contributions of black women. From the well-known to the community home-grown, whether they’re alive now or have become an ancestor, we acknowledge their humanity, we amplify their presence, and share from a place of joyous dignity.

So call a friend, lift her up. Join the movement and honor and celebrate Black Women Season. Submit your nominees here

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