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Free all Brittneys!

Griner’s situation has a political backdrop and we must not stay in silence! We want her to be safe at home as soon as possible.

Over the past several decades, China and Russia have hosted several large international sporting events. This sports washing is done to train Americans that these countries are not so bad afterall. Our purchasing choices and electronic addiction fuels their chaos.

China and Russia understand who and when to seize. Russia chose Brittney Griner for a random search in the airport. Statistically a lot of people fly with vape pens. By arresting a black lesbian woman, Russia picked the perfect person to not get the attention of America. Outside of sports and entertainment, it’s dangerous to be black.

This was the perfect setup.

But why was she there in the first place? Brittney Griner went to Russia to earn extra money during the offseason. If she earned equitable pay, she would never have been in a Russian airport on February 17, 2022.. WNBA or not, what is equitable pay when some people make $7.25 as a minimum wage?

The nature of her offense - the cannabis plant - is no mere coincidence. Many people are incarcerated stateside because of cannabis. While some states now recognize the medical purposes or decriminalized the plant, not all do. That inconsistency once was used to control black people in America. Now it’s being used to leverage and mock America on the international stage.

The system of racism, sexism and criminalization of cannabis is why Born Brown; All Rights Reserved exists. The pipeline of control is different. It costs $780 worth of drug testing a year to do drug testing. It’s a confusing and polarizing time. One way to get through this is to humanize and harmonize. Once done on an individual level, we can come together.

What do you think about Brittney Griner’s arrest? We are looking forward to hearing more from you. Make contact today!

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