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"Anybody Can Do Anything"

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

-MJ Richardson

Do you ever feel like you can´t make the difference? MJ Richardson filled her apartment out with masks to protect homeless people. Her passion for helping others has empowered people to give something to their communities. It only takes one person to shake the world.

In a recent interview by Liz Gold on "Conversations with Liz Gold," guest MJ Richardson, Founder of Mask In A Bag, shares her story about helping neighbors by providing food and protection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode Summary:

From San Francisco to the world: MJ Richardson, an accomplished career woman, and entrepreneur that has helped people like herself find their inner strength, confidence, and skills. MJ developed a hygiene kit for homeless people. Now she is creating a “Mask in a Bag” for them. In episode 23 of Conversations with Liz Gold, we discuss business, social change, and the aftermaths of forgetting our neighbors.

Listen to the full podcast episode here

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