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Get Educated and VOTE!

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Election day in the U.S. is right around the corner.

How can we prepare ourselves for this election?

In a recent interview by Liz Gold on "Conversations with Liz Gold," guest Maria Yuan, Founder of IssueVoter, offers valuable insight on the importance of voting and how to stay informed.

Listen to the full podcast episode here

Episode Summary:

Did you know incumbents are re-elected 90 percent of the time? In this episode, I'm talking with Maria Yuan, founder of IssueVoter, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to give everyone a voice in our representative democracy. Described as "politics for busy people," IssueVoter helps people become more informed by summarizing hard-to-understand legislative bills and tracking representatives' activity. Learn how you can become more engaged with what your elected officials are doing between elections and why the nonprofit chooses to be nonpartisan.

Visit IssueVoter Online:

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