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Going back to my roots

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Sometimes I discover myself thinking a lot about my ancestors. They are Indigenous people that were in North America before European colonizers, West African Enslaved descendants and Irish immigrants.

They made families, looked for better opportunities and participated in the dreamweaving of the United States of America with grace.

As they established new homes in new neighborhoods, they chose to carry their philosophy and the traditions that characterized their peoples. I admire the way they respected the ancient wisdom that had always been part of their personal history. As time goes on, I believe that ancestral wisdom is back in the present.

I grew up in a capitalist society. That means we normalize the inequalities of “power and privilege.” We protect money, instead of human rights. People are afraid of “the others”, so they cling to assets and properties exclusively for themselves. This system finds diversity to be a constant threat. It criminalizes cooperation, ensuring that Human BEings do not experience belonging.

This is really dangerous.

That leads me to now and what we can learn from The Ancestors.

  1. They respected beauty. A powerful connection with life in all different forms made them wiser. They aligned to reverence the earth, water, and the animals that preserved balance. Being aware that we are a collective living entity sharing the planet helped them to stay humble.

  2. They made community. Everybody understood that the land provided everything they would need. There is no need for fighting or claiming properties: sharing is even more important. They believed in strengthening the community, not only the individuals.

  3. They recognized embodiment. When people feel recognized and valued inside their community, they tend to be their best version. A wise indigenous person would see their own reflection in every human on earth. That’s why they support each other and remember the importance of gratitude in their daily lives.

On October 11, we celebrated Indigenous People Day. A time to honor Native Americans, their resilience, and their contributions to American society throughout history. I wish everybody could trace their ancestors. Their legacy is just amazing, and there’s a lot to learn from the experience they had on Earth.

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