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Lawyer Stories - Rachel Ofori

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

An advocate for those without resources to navigate the complex American legal system.

I am the daughter of two immigrants. My parents gave up everything to make sure that I could succeed.

My father grew up extremely poor in a small village in Ghana. He worked relentlessly and put himself through Dartmouth College and Yale Medical School. My mother is from a small town in the Philippines and came to the United States with nothing.

After following in my dad’s footsteps and graduating from Dartmouth, going to law school was a natural next step. I wanted my life’s work to truly make an impact on peoples’ lives.

I wanted to be an advocate for those who do not have the resources to navigate the complex American legal system. I wanted a job where I would be intellectually challenged every day.

I graduated from Duke Law in 2017 and have practiced at Paul Hastings LLP New York for three years. At the firm, I am able to work on interesting litigation matters and engage in meaningful immigration and racial justice-focused pro bono work.

Growing up with my parents as my inspiration has shown me that in both law and life, ambition and hard work are everything.

Rachel H. Ofori

Associate, Litigation Department

Paul Hastings LLP

Lawyer Stories is a global community of lawyers and law students sharing their journeys to the practice of law. Founded by Benny Gold in 2017 on Instagram, the community has more than 36K followers and is growing. Join them on Instagram and listen to The Lawyer Stories podcast.

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