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Meet Bao Phan

Visual Artist. Hustler. Born Brown Contributor.

Bao, has been an entrepreneur for 18 years and while some may see him as a graphic designer, Bao says:

“I do what I do. I don’t consider it art, it’s me working. I’ve built a lot of brands, I’ve done a lot of logos, inside of that world..."

Launching a computer repair business at the age of 19, Bao started out as a systems engineer and thought he would be doing computer repair for the rest of his life. Out of necessity, Bao learned to create his first website and makeshift logo.

Now Bao has been behind the scenes working and building successful companies. When he works with clients to tell their visual story he digs into who they are as a person.

“Everybody’s brand reflects who they want to be represented in the world.”

Bao's imagery created for Born Brown reflects the story of Aboriginal water travel, tribal commerce, and Indigenous culture. Tribal canoe journeys are a traditional method of transportation and cultural majesty.

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