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Meet Liz Gold

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Writer. Strategist. Born Brown Ally Contributor.

Liz Gold is a writer, strategist and podcast host. Her specialty is simplifying the complex, finding the "juice" in any story, discovering uniqueness in a crowded market and helping you (and your company) find your voice. She is the founder of Rhino Girl Media, a communications consulting company.

Liz has leveraged her podcast, "Conversations with Liz Gold," to amplify voices of People of the Global Majority.

Check out these "Conversations" featuring:

Shalonda Ingram - Social Omnipreneur and Born Brown Founder

Maria Yuan - IssueVoter Founder

MJ Richardson - Mask In A Bag Creator

Kai Kelly - Published Author and Poet

Tab Wolod - Entrepreneur and Mental Health Advocate

Phil aka Corinne - Storyteller and Podcast Host

Shauna Hahn - Psychiatric Nurse and Storyteller

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