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Translating Covid-19 Info into Indigenous Languages

Michelle Krasovitski of The Varsity, the University of Toronto's student newspaper, interviewed the founders of Translations 4 Our Nations, a new initiative to create accessible Covid-19 information for indigenous communities.

The founders of the Translations 4 Our Nations (TFON) initiative, Victor A. Lopez-Carmen, Sukhmeet Singh Sachal, Sterling Stutz, and Thilaxcy Yohathasan, were interviewed by Krasovitski for the student newspaper. The founders' goal is to translate Covid-19 related documents into Indigenous languages.

The initiative includes forty languages, translated by a team of over 120 Indigenous translators.

Lopez-Carmen, a Dakota and Yaqui medical student at Harvard Medical School, and founder of the initiative said:

“I founded this initiative because I saw how my own Indigenous communities struggled with lack of COVID-19 information that was in their language or culturally relevant to their contexts. The idea was to work directly with Indigenous community members in the spirit of partnership, and making sure the benefits went back to them and their communities.” 

Image by Martin Sanchez

Read the complete story on The Varsity website.

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